Who we are and what we believe.

The Brio Credo

The Brio Credo

More than a statement of values, the Brio Credo is the engine that drives us and the support structure that keeps us grounded.

We will put people first.


We will live up to our name.

Working with energy, enthusiasm, and sense of humor every. single. day.

We will always ask WHY.

Digging deep to keep work tied to a specific purpose.

We will invent and re-invent.

Embracing change, trying new things, and always improving.

We will keep equilibrium between our heads and our hearts.

Balancing data and strategy with empathy and kindness in everything we do.

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Meet the co-founders

Emma Tuftin

Marketing Strategist

Sunny and strategic. Emma specializes in holistic marketing strategy. Through nine years of nonprofit marketing experience, she has developed a unique approach that builds real connections between organizations and their communities. Half an hour with Emma over coffee will have you buzzing with new ideas, feeling super-charged, and ready for anything!

Pronouns: she/her

Grant Henry

Marketing Technologist

Versatile and visionary. As the world becomes more digital, Grant has been right there with it. With 20+ years of digital marketing and technology experience, Grant knows how to interpret data, find the perfect tech tool, and build strategically stunning websites that drive engagement and conversions. He knows how to translate tech talk into plain language – plus, he is fun to work with!

Pronouns: he/him

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The Brio Story

Brio Marketing is so much more than a business. This is a wild dream, a creative solution for a common problem, and a gift to one another. Read our first two blog posts to learn more about the origins of Brio and WHY we started in the first place.