Starting Over

Starting Over

Starting over. These simple words can be perceived as either good or bad, hopeful or desperate, inspiring or unfortunate. What influences the perception is the reason behind it.

Why are you starting over?

This question has been curiously absent from conversations with well-meaning colleagues as we leave our day jobs to pursue the business we are building. They ask about the company name or what services we offer, but nothing deeper than polite chit-chat.

Why is no one asking us WHY?

Well, let’s pretend someone did ask. People start businesses every day, but we’re doing this for a reason and we want to share WHY.

Why did you create Brio Marketing?
Why are you choosing to start over?

Oh, thanks for asking, friend! Those are a couple of loaded questions, but we’re so happy to tell you what motivates us.

1. We’re doing this to make a difference in this world.

Our goal is to help 10,000 nonprofits across the country connect with their communities through Relationship Marketing. We want to support and showcase the good that is happening in the world while feeling good about the work we do. We intend to be a part of changing the world for the better. We know marketing, so we’re starting here.

2. We’re doing this to empower others by sharing what we know.

Marketing isn’t rocket science and we want to share what we know to help nonprofits take the wheel and thrive. We’re about collaboration, not competition. Instead of keeping our trade secrets under lock and key, we’re going to share openly. We all do better when we all do better.

3. We’re doing this to cultivate a positive environment that unleashes creativity.

Attitude is everything. It’s a phrase you’ve probably heard from your mom before and one we 100% live by (sidenote: your mother is very wise and you should call her more often). We proudly classify our positive attitude as a superpower that impacts our work and the people around us. This is our chance to use our power to do really amazing work. Nothing is ever as bad or challenging as it seems. It’s all about the approach.

4. We’re doing this for each other.

While the majority of our motivation for building Brio Marketing comes from our desire to serve our clients, this last piece is really essential. As co-founders, we (Emma Smith and Grant Henry) see Brio Marketing as a gift to each other. Emma wants Grant to live the glory years of his career doing work that feeds his soul in an environment that appreciates all that he is. And Grant wants Emma to have a launch pad for her career that allows her to flourish by combining her unique blend of creativity, compassion, and relentlessly positive energy with her gift for building relationships, all to uplift the world around her.

Our choice to start over
wasn’t taken lightly.

Creating Brio was a big decision and one we took seriously. We had to ask ourselves difficult questions to discover our motivation. We’re so glad we did. Our direction is charted by the very reasons that made us jump in the first place.

Starting over means different things to different people, but to us, we see it in the most optimistic way. This is the beginning. The best work of our lives is ahead of us. We know exactly what we’re doing, where we’re going and, most importantly, we know WHY.


These two words are all over our website, and they’re all we ever talk about when asked about our business. Our next post isn’t everything we have to say about it – not even close – but it introduces our methodology.