Most Favorite Thing

Most Favorite Thing

Anyone who has talked to us about our Guided Ideation Workshop will tell you that some combination of the following will occur when we talk about it:

  • Lots of smiling
  • Flailing of arms and other gesticulation
  • Lights flashing above our heads
  • Brass bands playing
  • Cracks of thunder and lightning splitting the skies

OK, we’re exaggerating, but not by much. Our Guided Ideation Workshop is our most favorite thing ever. Why? Oh don’t worry, we’re going to tell you why.

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REASON #1: Working with movers & shakers

We know when we sit down for this Workshop, we are sitting down with people who are ready to move. These are folks who are up for that challenge. Whether they’re stuck, overwhelmed, confused, or conflicted, the fact remains, they are motivated to do something.

They may not know how to start, where to begin, or what to focus on, but the people we work with know that growth and change are just around the corner and they’re ready to embrace them.

This is incredibly energizing.

Being in the room with people who embrace change, new ways of thinking, fresh ideas…they are our people. We LOVE being in the same room with them!

Effortlessly, ideas start flowing, evolving, morphing, stacking on top of each other. Doors and windows of thought that had been boarded over or nailed shut start creaking open. And there’s a palpable sense of relief and hope in the room as the tensions that our clients bring with them start melting away and the possibilities start showing their faces. Is this awesome? Yes it is.

REASON #2: Asking our favorite question (WHY)

YUP! If you have been following us from the beginning, this will come as no surprise. One of the best parts of our Workshop is that we get to ask this question. Over and over again.

No two Guided Ideation Workshops are the same. We don’t follow a script or a rigid agenda. Our process is organic and designed to uncover the ideas stashed around the organization like hidden unpolished gems.

We do a lot more listening than talking. And when we talk, it’s often a question starting with WHY.

We want to learn what motivates and drives our clients in order to help their organization realize its dreams. The best way to do that is to examine the WHY, because the WHY always leads to very intentional marketing (aka strategy!).

In just 60 minutes with our client, we help surface ideas and explore them, ask them some hard questions, and see what happens. The most important thing is to get the ideas out on the table. The analysis and action planning comes next…

REASON #3: Helping provide direction

After the Workshop, we let the ideas settle down. Then we start synthesizing. Our focus is on harnessing those ideas in ways that turn them into tangible, useful, strategic, actionable opportunities for our clients.

We call this the Action Plan, a roadmap that summarizes the Workshop, identifies the opportunities, and prioritizes them with our recommendations included. Voila!

From what we’ve heard from our clients, this is the most valuable part. This documented take-away from our time together provides direction for what to try next. It’s perfect for those who like to DIY!

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BONUS REASON: Having fun!

Guided Ideation flameWe can’t “light a fire under your marketing” if we take ourselves too seriously. Expect dumb jokes, whiteboard free-for-alls, gently thrown office supplies. Chair dancing is likely and strongly encouraged. Confetti will definitely make an appearance.


The best ideas spring from a place of joy and positivity, so we take all the pressure off to let those ideas roam free.

It’s too much to ask of a single workshop to solve all the problems and set a course for complete marketing success. But this workshop is a wonderful and valuable place to get started.

In case you haven’t heard it by now, it’s our most favorite thing ever.