Brio’s Birthday

Brio’s Birthday

We recognize November 28, 2018 as Brio’s birthday. This was day that Brio Marketing LLC was declared an “officially incorporated entity doing business in the State of Minnesota.”

It’s the day the dream became reality, despite the following facts:

  • We had to work around full time jobs
  • We didn’t have a website
  • We didn’t have business cards
  • We hadn’t finished our business plan
  • We wouldn’t deliver a real project for 3 months

But we celebrate November 28 anyway. At this time last year, Brio had a name. Brio had an identity. Brio took its first breath.

Over its first year, this tiny baby business has grown so much. It has learned to roll over, sleep through the night, sit up, babble, crawl, and pull itself up. It’s been enchanting, nerve-wracking, messy, adorable, loud, and exasperating. At times it’s been a joyful attention magnet, charming us with its smiles and giggles. At times it’s been a colicky beast, wailing inconsolably and waking us up in the middle of the night. It’s been the source of intense pride and the cause of irrational worries. 

For everything we have experienced with this no-longer-quite-so-new business, we are so thankful – which is why it’s so appropriate that Brio’s first birthday coincides with Thanksgiving.

As Brio starts learning to walk, and talk, and feed itself, we are filled with gratitude for everyone in our universe who helped make this dream possible.

  • Our spouses and families, who have supported and encouraged us every single step of the way 
  • Our inner circle of friends and advisors, who have inspired us and reminded us that you’re never too young, or too old, to start a business or realize a dream
  • The thriving community of entrepreneurs in the Twin Cities and the people who support and mentor us, whose very existence has been a pleasant and energizing surprise
  • The #briodogs Sanya and Rocky, who are Very Good Dogs that keep our spirits high

Most of all, we are both grateful to each other. From what we’ve heard, it’s rare to find a business partner who sees past the individual quirks and shortcomings to build on each other’s strengths. Brio exists because we work so well together.

With all our gratitude out on the metaphorical Thanksgiving table, we have one last thing to say:

Happy Birthday, Brio!

Time to smoosh your face into that little birthday cake. Your first year has been exhilarating, and we can’t wait to see what Year 2 of the voyage into the bright, bright future will bring.